Why donate?

Because why toss your flowers when you can donate them? Saved from the landfill, they become Bouquets of Kindness.  Monetary donations will be used to purchase items like senior safe containers, wet foam, tools, fuel, printing, office supplies and growing the operation of Bouquets of Kindness.

Can I get a tax deduction?

All donations to Bouquets of Kindness (a 501c3 charitable organization) are tax deductible as allowed by law.

What’s My Donation Worth?

Besides the priceless feeling of knowing you can brighten the day of so many people, the worth of your donation depends on a few things, condition of the flowers, what the IRS will allow depending on your tax bracket and how much you are donating.


Flowers need water, they need to stay cool and out of the sun.  So the better the flowers are cared for, the more value they retain. Damaged flowers can not be used in creating Bouquets of Kindness.


We give a receipt for the full value of your donation, how much of that value you can write off depends on your tax bracket.  For a general rule of thumb, please see this link to Charity Navigator – simply enter the amount of your donation (or what you paid before taxes or other fees) The calculator will display the net cost of the donation and the tax savings.

Donation Size

Your florist or event planner can give you a receipt for the amount paid for your flowers before taxes and fees (delivery, set up and rental of containers) however, if you decide to keep some of the flowers such as brides bouquet, some of the center pieces or other items we will need to subtract those items from your donation total.

For donations from events where an actual cost is not known like funerals, memorial services, or donations of other reusable items a receipt for fair market value will be given.

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