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Bouquets of Kindness engages seniors living in assisted living, memory care and HUD funded long term care. Flowers are donated to us by weddings, corporate events, grocery stores, and wholesalers who have either used the flowers already or cannot sell them because the flowers are a few days past their “freshness” threshold.

Our volunteers pick up all of those flowers at a time and location that works for the donator. We also load up tools and supplies. With all the goodies packed safely into our personal vehicles and van, the volunteers deliver thousands of flowers to senior living facilities all over Northeast Florida.

We don’t just drop off flowers and leave. We stay and encourage seniors to join us in community rooms and choose their own flowers, vases, ribbons, and accessories. Next, they get creative and build their own arrangements!

They are free to give the arrangements to other residents who couldn’t join us that day. Sometimes they make arrangements for their caretakers. And they always make plenty of arrangements for their cafeterias and common areas.

We do things this way because we have learned that, oftentimes in assisted living facilities, freedom of choice is lost once a senior is moved into an assisted living/memory care home.

Many senior residents are no longer allowed to do simple things like pour a cup of coffee or fold their own laundry. We believe this lack of independence causes depression and withdrawal from socialization.

The process of making their own beautiful floral arrangements restores their freedom of choice and provides socializing opportunities.

We have witnessed the non-verbal regain some verbal communication. Family members have told us they noticed the residents’ depression break after the seniors are out of their rooms and working with the flowers.

Those improvements in a senior’s depression and communication are how we measure success at Bouquets of Kindness

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