Unfortunately, we are currently unable to
receive or deliver flowers due to Covid-19.

Your monetary donations are greatly appreciated!

Total Bouquets Created

Senior Created Florals

Volunteer Created Florals

Making A Difference
Bouquets of Kindness accepts donations of floral arrangements from events, weddings, funerals, florists and grocery stores.
Flowers that were destined for the landfill are refreshed into new bouquets.

Arranged Bouquets

Volunteers arrange donated flowers into new bouquets and deliver those to individual rooms and visit with each recipient.

Over 20,000 Bouquests Created To Date

Senior Created Bouquets

Loose flowers are taken to residents to create their own unique bouquets and provide physical and mental therapy

“Strengthening our community, showing kindness to our neighbors and growing friendship in unexpected places with the gift of flowers.”

Donate Flowers

We accept flower and ribbon donations and will coordinate picking them up from your event.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We currently have opportunities for individuals and corporations to join us as partner. Every donation, regardless of the amount, is very appreciated and 100% of all donations will be used to offset the operating expenses of Bouquets of Kindness.

Volunteer Your Time

We have several ways you can volunteer to help us in our mission.

Bouquets of Kindness engages seniors living in assisted living, memory care and HUD funded long term care. Flowers are donated to us by weddings, corporate events, grocery stores, and wholesalers who have either used the flowers already or cannot sell them because the flowers are a few days past their “freshness” threshold.

Our volunteers pick up all of those flowers at a time and location that works for the donator. We also load up tools and supplies. With all the goodies packed safely into our personal vehicles and van, the volunteers deliver thousands of flowers to senior living facilities all over Northeast Florida.

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